Did you know?

The picture of the little boy on the cover of Swim Real Fast was an actual Polaroid picture of Butch, taken by his mother.

419 North was the address of the house that he grew up in.

The baby footprint on the inside cover of Swim Real Fast is his actual hospital footprint taken at birth.

The self-absorbed character in “She’s Good Lookin” was inspired in part by the Eva Longoria character on the show 'Desperate Housewives'. However, it is widely believed that another female may have contributed. As Butch puts it, “you can put my hands in a pot of boiling water and my lips are sealed.”

The events in the song “Dive Right In” are true stories.

The song “Fade Away” is about his father.

In the song “Beat the Odd’s,” the story of the high school drop out earning a Masters Degree at age thirty three is a true story.

Except dolbro, drums and percussion, Butch played every instrument on the song “Swim Real Fast.”

The two people that he would like most to meet would be Jesus and Sun Tzu.

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