• Butch Castetter (kăs·tĕ·ter)
    award winning recording artist & songwriter

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Songwriter & Recording Artist

Tiki Mama

  1. Tiki Mama
  2. Cant Shut It Off
  3. Count on Jim
  4. Crazy About Ali
  5. Lead Paint
  6. No Rewind Button

419 North

  1. These Ruts Get Deep
  2. Dive Right In
  3. Please Call Me
  4. The Sun's Got To Come Up
  5. Tell Me Some Good News
  6. Dancin' With The Angels
  7. Beats the Odds
  8. She's Good Lookin
  9. Hey Big Brother
  10. The Ides Of March

Swim Real Fast

  1. You've Got To Be Blind
  2. It's A Dog's Life
  3. Long Hard Road
  4. Norway Drive
  5. Listen To the Silent Sound
  6. Swim Real Fast
  7. Coming Back for More
  8. State of Nirvana
  9. Fade Away
  10. If That Girl Was Mine
  11. Last Night Down in Houston
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"...raw honesty with visceral shorthand, painted against a backdrop of Midwestern optimism..."


Artist Butch Castetter

Award winning recording artist Butch Castetter, has been called a prolific songwriter with a creative mind and a modern day truth teller but whatever you call him, one thing for sure is that he is never boring. His songs pack a one-two punch. Hooking you with melody lines that grab your ear and then painting high definition pictures with lyrics. With his rare combination of wit and insight, the lyrics are always engaging and range in topic from the light and humorous to poignant.

His first CD (Swim Real Fast) released in 2005 received positive reviews including the song It’s a Dog’s Life being named track of the day on Garage Band and culminating with the title track being included on Rolling Stone Magazine’s Playlist of the Day (March 28, 2007).

In a day of mass produced and formulated music, raw honesty with visceral shorthand, painted against a backdrop of Midwestern optimism is a nice change. Webster defines Americana as “any artifact (such as books or furniture or art) that is distinctive of America.“ Butch grew up in Indianapolis Indiana, located halfway between Chicago and Louisville. That’s about as Americana as it comes and if you listen, you can hear the Chicago big city blues and the Kentucky country roots influences in his music. An accomplished guitar player, with a thousand watt voice, Butch can hold his own on stage. He’s worked with some of the best in the business.

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